A New Interior for
Less than Five Bucks?

Airstream owners will absolutely love this idea! It is so simple and so easy you'll wish you thought of it years ago.

Remember those walls? Lovable, yes, yet lackluster. And quite often they were sticky too! We'll here's an idea you can use from now on, and tell your friends and fellow travelers about. For this tip, we're going to use a bottle of Pledge Floor Care Wood Floor Finish with Future Shine -- one that actually costs less than five dollars!

Ok, first let's start with a picture where you can see the right half has been treated with an application of Pledge Floor Care Wood Floor Finish with Future Shine, and the left half remains untreated.

This photo to your right shows a section of vinylclad aluminum that Airstream has used in the past. The object of this photo is to show the original finish compared to a sheen that can be had by a simple and easy application of "Future" floor wax. It not only looks nicer, but it helps keep the your walls clean and free of that awful sticky film so many owners complain about.

So, how can you get a new interior for less than $5.00?

Now you know!

Airstream interior wall