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Deep Freezin'!

This next section shows the "heart" of the torsion axle, the rubber cords placed inside the torsion spring (first picture shown on right).


neon light

Rubber Rods
Rubber Cords (rods) waiting to be frozen


We start with the rubber cords cut to the necessary specified lengths and our first task is to deform them. To do this, we first deform them in an encased hydraulic press. Liquid nitrogen at 200 degrees below zero is then injected into the press cavity and freezes the deformed cords.

Once the cords are frozen, we are able to maintain their shape for about 30 to 45 seconds.

If you look closely at the picture, you will see the cold fog coming out of the hydraulic press.


Freeze the Rubber Cords


Inside the Henschen Axle plant this hard working hyrdraulic machine is so cold that it literally spreads an eeiree fog across the workroom floor!

You can actually walk through the fog and feel like you're in a Hollywood movie!




The now frozen cords are shown in the picture to the right. They are still laying in the tray that was inside the hydraulic press describe in the earlier picture. You can still see that the tray is so cold there is fog eminating downward from the tray. You can also see the the cords are no longer round, they are now deformed and ready to become part of the torsion spring.




The worker to the right, is now holding four frozen cords placed carefully around one of the shafts shown in our earlier sections. He is getting ready to insert them into the waiting axle tubes to his left.


    Ready to Insert

The spindle and rods are now being inserted into the axle tube.    


Insert Cold Cord



Taking a short break outside the Henschen Axle plant we spot a truck refilling the massive nitrogen tank used to keep those hydraulic presses in the deep, deep freeze!

Now that's a whole lot of cold!


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